What If You Caught Calamansi Seeds For Your Noodle-Loving Customers?

It’s a simple solution to the age-old problem, “How can I squeeze fresh calamansi juice into my noodle soup without the seeds getting involved? How?!”

The fact that the yellow net can do the job is not the main point.

But the fact that the restaurateur cared enough to offer it to the customers is what I find noteworthy.

This is a customer needs awareness lesson from Pho Bac, a Vietnamese restaurant in Glorietta (among other places).

Do you have customers who encounter minor inconveniences while using or consuming your products? How can you reduce or even eliminate the inconvenience?


What If Your Business Was Bleeding Profusely?

RJ Ledesma, multi-talented writer, actor, host, and entrepreneur

One of the most insightfully insightful insights I picked up from RJ Ledesma‘s brilliant mind was the need to develop mental toughness in making major decisions, like when to pull the plug on a losing business.

He drew from his experience in co-running Soderno (a sister project of Mercato Centrale), which didn’t take off the way he and his partners expected.

It took them 18 months to finally decide to shut it down, and he said they should have done it a year sooner.

The intricacies of such a decision lie in the financial metrics, plus a predetermined set of numbers and conditions to determine when to quit.

The most difficult part is the sentimentality. One can’t just let go of his “baby”, especially if he has lofty ambitions for it.

My questions for you are:

  • Do you know when it is time to shut down your business?
  • When that time comes, will you be mentally prepared to do what must be done?


What If You Behaved Like The Complete Opposite Of A Prima Donna?

Barbie Almalbis arrives at least 2 hours early for each gig.

Barbie Almalbis is a singer and songwriter who epitomizes the polar opposite of a “prima donna”.

I’ve witnessed her perform live four times, and she’s the same each time: she quietly arrives early, carries her own stuff, cheers for the other bands while they’re playing, and wholeheartedly mingles with the fans.

In several instances, she even asked the strict security guards to allow fans to approach and chat with her.

During a recent gig, she called in a relatively unknown singer to take center stage while she played the guitar and served as the second voice. Barbie gave her the opportunity to shine. (My apologies to the aforementioned “unknown” singer, I really didn’t know who she was.)

She’s the total opposite of several “divas” and so-full-of-themselves public speakers I’ve met over the years. And that is how a true professional behaves.