What If You Added A Little Extra To Your Products?

Add a little extra to your products and services.

That letter “M” made me smile, and the person across the meeting table smiled as well. No, not at each other.

And if you rotate the cup, the “M” turns into a “W”! Twice the fun! But I digress.

With the barista’s skill, he probably took just 3 seconds to decorate the frothy McCafe coffee concoction. And it was enough to enhance the drink.

What if you added a little extra to what you’re offering? Would it put a smile on your customer’s face?

Some examples:

  • a shiny ribbon tied around a girl’s newly purchased school bag
  • a free upsize for the 88th customer of the day
  • a pat on the back for the customer who asks too many questions without buying anything (sarcasm aside)

Disclosure: I was not paid to promote McCafe. Heck, it wasn’t even my cup of coffee!

Your turn! What “little extras” could you add to your product or service?

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