About This Blog

This blog is dedicated to you, the entrepreneur with a short attention span.

You’re not lazy, you’re just pressed for time.

I get you.

We’re similar in many ways.

We like to widen our knowledge… as quickly as possible.

We encounter huge blocks of text and we say TLDNR! (Too Long, Did Not Read!)

We’re “impatient”.

There’s got to be a way to expand our business minds a few minutes at a time.

Most of the articles here need less than 2 minutes to consume. Some will need less than 5 seconds. Seriously.

Surely you can spare 2 minutes of your time to find ways to improve your business, can you?

The topics will circle around “what ifs”. They are meant to stimulate your business brain cells.

Some will seem incomplete, and those are intentional. You need to complete them on their own.

Some ideas will even contradict each other.

Many of the topics will appear useless to your specific niche.

But what if you try to see them from different angles?

What if you apply an unconventional concept to your business… and it works?! You’d be considered an innovator!

You, an “innovative entrepreneur”. How does that sound? How does that feel?

So for you, my fellow impatient and innovative entrepreneur, here’s a blog built with you in mind.

– Alvin Gale Tan