What If Your Ads Adapted To Their Environment?

KFC Delivery Ad at the Virtual Zoo in Tutuban Center Mall

Here’s an interesting ad material from KFC Delivery. It’s a “3D” painting, as you can tell from the shadow effects (please use your imagination).

This type of advertising only works in the particular environment it is in… a 3D painting exhibit in Tutuban Center Mall.

People at the Virtual Zoo (that’s what the area is called) are in the mood to pose and “interact” with the paintings, including the ads.

Kids would pretend to take a bite out of that 22-inch fried drumstick, adults would try to dip their fingers into that puddle of gravy, plus other strange poses.

Then, naturally, they would post the pictures on their Facebook accounts.

What is the effect of those photos of them with the KFC Delivery number in full view? Free social media advertising!

In your business, how can you apply this “adaptive advertising” concept?


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