What If You Asked Your Customers To Pay For Your Mistakes?

Do you punish your customers for your employee's mistakes?

At a famous fast food chain, I wanted to get rid of the coins in my pocket so I prepared the exact amount for a value meal.

I had plenty of time to do that since I waited in line for 15 minutes. Ugh!

Anyway, prior to my turn at the ordering counter, a crew member broke the soft drinks dispenser, so I was offered iced tea instead of the usual soda. I said “yes” because I had no other choice.

The cash register displayed a different amount, and my coins weren’t enough to cover the difference. Naturally, I had to pay with a larger denomination.

This was not supposed to be a big deal.

But the forced upsell annoyed me because:

  1. Service was ridiculously slow and the entire crew didn’t seem to care.
  2. I had to pay 25% more for the “value” meal.
  3. My pocket ended up with even more coins!

I was fully aware that if I had acted like a scumbag and angrily demanded a refund, the supervisor would have immediately taken action. But really, was escalation even necessary?

In your business, do you punish your customers for your staff member’s mistakes? If you do, WHY?! Please explain.


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