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What If You Re-evaluated Your Goals?

What were your goals then; what are your goals now?

Friendly suggestion: It is time to re-evaluate your business goals. You could re-assess your entire business, or even just a project.

Let’s take the Business What Ifs blog project as an example.

Initially, I created this blog with the sole intention of making money out of it. So after the first few months of earning a grand total of zero pesos, I should have quit and considered it a failure.

But no, I still do it because it’s heck of a fun ride. I realized that gathering new knowledge from others and sharing them to you gives me a wholesome, natural high. It just pumps me up!

So, yeah, this is a rather “selfish” blog.

My new goal: write more blog posts with the intention of providing a spark to ignite an idea within you. You have the ideas inside you all along, I want to be able to tickle them out for you.

That would make me so giddy!

Your turn. What were your goals? And what are your goals now?


What If You Created Your Own Template?

An easy and low-cost way to ensure evenly sized balloons.

I feel so uncreative for not coming up with this idea when I was still a freelance balloon artist (that was a looong time ago).

A “box with circular holes” is a low-cost, efficient, and effective solution to a very common need for consistent balloon sizes for decorative purposes.

Sometimes solutions are too simple that we tend to overlook them.

Are there processes in your business that could be streamlined by a quick and easy template?


What If You Tried Doing The Menial Tasks In Your Business?

Paulo Tibig, The Entrep Champ

Paulo Tibig is the President & CEO of Vcargo, and author of the bestselling book Strategies of a Champion Entrepreneur.

You may call him The Entrep Champ.

Despite his stature, he isn’t afraid of doing the dirty work. I think he even enjoys it.

He and his wife Abby built up Vcargo from scratch, which meant that they did everything from planning to processing paperwork to marketing to personally delivering packages.

Their hands-on approach “forced” them to develop a thorough understanding of all their business processes.

This gives them tremendous benefits when it comes to enhancing or troubleshooting any of Vcargo’s components.

An example from Paulo’s book is his in-depth knowledge and experience with cost-efficient delivery routes. Obviously, this is crucial for a logistics company.

Plus, their staff would never dare to try any form of trickery. If something goes wrong, none of their invalid excuses could slip through the Champ.

If you have been in business for a long while, what if you tried performing some of the “menial” tasks? You will definitely learn a new thing or two about your business.