What If You're Becoming Too Serious?

Business is a game; so have fun playing!

There’s a time to be serious, but definitely not all the time! The risk of burnout increases as one becomes too serious. Seriously.

What if you treat your business venture like a sport, or even a game?

Business is a game; so have fun playing! That’s not to suggest that you goof off and go bonkers. Find ways to chill out once in a while.

Here’s a simple suggestion:

Assign point values to each daily task.

  • 1 point for each blog post,
  • 10 points for each client presentation
  • 50 points for each new client account acquired

Assign point values for “rewards”

  • Watch a movie – 70 points
  • Watch a movie and grab a bucket of popcorn – 80 points
  • Buy new sneakers – 250 points
  • Buy an overpriced, obsolete-in-6-months phone – 1,800 points
  • Buy a posh condo unit – 6,000,000 points

Now you have some fun incentive attached to every task, not just “because I have to”.

What about you, how do you inject fun and enjoyment into your business?


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