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What If You Caught Calamansi Seeds For Your Noodle-Loving Customers?

It’s a simple solution to the age-old problem, “How can I squeeze fresh calamansi juice into my noodle soup without the seeds getting involved? How?!”

The fact that the yellow net can do the job is not the main point.

But the fact that the restaurateur cared enough to offer it to the customers is what I find noteworthy.

This is a customer needs awareness lesson from Pho Bac, a Vietnamese restaurant in Glorietta (among other places).

Do you have customers who encounter minor inconveniences while using or consuming your products? How can you reduce or even eliminate the inconvenience?


What If Your Customers Had To Stand And Wait In Line?

Queue Number

I love the idea of queuing systems. I no longer have to stand and wait in line. And the number helps me estimate the waiting time, so I could do something else (like take a nap on the couch).

Also, don’t you just hate it when somebody cuts in line? These stubs effectively deter those pesky queue ninjas.

BPI takes it further. They require you to key in your transaction information via a touch-screen kiosk, eliminating the annoying consequences of bad handwriting on deposit or withdrawal slips.

I wasn’t allowed to take a photo of the kiosk, the number display board, the waiting customers, or anything at all. So the number stub is all you will see here.

You’ve experienced the benefits of such systems countless times at banks and government agencies, but have you ever thought of applying this concept in your business?

As a small business owner, or even as a freelancer, if you have too many customers scrambling to hire you (oh, what an enviable problem!), a queuing system is worth experimenting with.

Would such a system benefit you and your customers?


What If Your Live Event Was Bogged Down By Unforseen Problems?

Ogie Alcacid, keeping calm despite various technical difficulties during a live concert.

Do you know how Ogie Alcacid handles technical difficulties during a live performance?

As he stepped onstage amidst loud cheers of fans who have been waiting for hours, the lights literally went out.

Instead of displaying annoyance for the wasted build-up, he joked with the crowd in the semi-darkness (some emergency lights were lit).

After almost a minute, power was restored. The band restarted the background music, Ogie started singing, and then, darkness again.

Then, repeat the cycle one more time.

That type of three-in-a-row could be very frustrating for the audience, the organizers, and especially the performer. But not for a pro!

I was thoroughly impressed by how the talented musician handled the situation. He maintained his sense of humor, calmed the crowd down, and promised on behalf of the organizers to sort things out.

After all that, he delivered a brilliant performance, as expected.

You might not be a famous singer (or maybe you are; please correct me), but as the boss, you need to have the coolest head during unexpected and uncontrollable circumstances.

What would you do if a similar incident happened just when you were about to deliver an important sales presentation?