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What If You Allowed Your Students To Learn Unconventionally?

iAcademy Junkture

You’ve probably seen sculptures made out of “garbage” sold for a small fortune, and muttered to yourself, “I could do better than that!”

I thought that way, until I realized how wrong I was when I participated in a workshop called Junkture, held at iAcademy in Makati.

Students and participants were given several hours to build sculptures using junk and trash provided by the school and its sponsors. All equipment from drills to welding gear, plus technicians and security personnel, were provided by the school

I was amazed at how quickly the students came up with ideas as soon as the random pieces of junk were being unpacked.

They snapped up interesting spare parts and pieces to build the masterpieces they’ve envisioned, while I just stood there like a befuddled donkey wondering how and where I should even start.

Richard Tuason, a multi-talented artist who makes use of old piano parts for his signature sculptures, explained (I’m paraphrasing here): Sure, you could re-create artwork that you’ve seen, but you probably don’t have the artist’s vision when the materials were still in their raw, unassembled form.

I had a brief chat with Vanessa Tanco, President and CEO of iAcademy, and remarked that I admire her willingness to turn the campus backyard into a “junk shop for a day”. According to her, as a design school, iAcademy wants the students to have as many avenues for creative exploration as possible.

That’s a fine example of a leader who clearly walks the talk.


What If You Enhanced An Already Amazing Product?

Horlicks Milkshake

I don’t know how you feel about thick, creamy milkshakes, but to me, they’re absolutely amazing!

So how did McDonald’s Singapore make a fantastic beverage even more delectable?

By topping it with Horlicks powder. Yeah, why not?

This was only a seasonal offering. Hence, no franchisee can offer this again without the mother company’s approval.

If you’re not under the tight watch of a franchisor, nobody can stop you from experimenting with your own concoctions, like… hmm, cookie butter milkshake?

What other combinations can you think of?


What If You Learned From The Inequality Of Toilets?

The Inequality Of Public Toilets... Is A Must!In public areas like malls, restaurants, and especially cinemas, longer queues are found in ladies’ rooms.

Allow me to insulate myself from accusations of sexism by stating that I mean no offense towards ladies.

But practically speaking, ladies require twice the space and “usually” take twice as much time in the washroom compared to men. I’ll leave the visualization to you.

Simple multiplication suggests that a ladies’ washroom should be 2 X 2 = 4 times larger than that of males.

After decades of developing malls and other public establishments, why isn’t this a common practice?

Are there aspects of your business that are “equal” for all types of customers merely because of common conventions, old habits, or lazy convenience?

What if you make them “unequal”… and more practical? How would that benefit you and your customers?