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What If You Made Your Signboard An Eye Magnet?

Noticeable Footprints that Grab Attention

You saw the footprints and read the words. But you probably did not notice that the print patterns are differentKids would have seen the difference right away.

But that’s not the point. People, especially kids, do not pay attention to ordinary-looking signboards.

Use this footprint sticker idea as a starting point in creating eye magnets. How about hand prints on walls? Paw prints on furniture?

If your products or services are aimed towards kids, you don’t even need to pull their parents in, because the children will do that for you.

All you need to do is catch their attention.


What If You Gave Your Customer A Souvenir?

Galapeno Tango Race Challenge Game Board

That’s a simple board game, complete with amusing cut-out game characters and assemble-your-own dice. You’ll get one of those when you order a Galape�o Tango bundle from Yellow Cab.

I think it was just meant to entertain customers while they wait for their food. But nobody throws away a board game. It becomes a souvenir.

Disclosure: My family and I were persuaded by the cashier to give it a try, but my taste buds didn’t get the chance to “do the tango” because I had to leave for a meeting before it was served.

If you own a restaurant or coffee shop, what “inexpensive” souvenirs can you give your customers to remind them of your brand?

What If You Demonstrated Your Special Powers?

Sandisk waterproof memory card underwater demonstration.

SanDisk has good reasons to show off its underwater abilities. After all, you can replace a water-damaged camera, but you can’t bring back once-in-a-lifetime photos trapped in a soaked memory card.

I admit that I never knew about this built-in waterproof feature until I saw the “memory card swimming in an aquarium trick”.

I would have recommended that they put a bubble-producing gizmo in the aquarium to add even more drama to the underwater theme. But nobody asked me.

Fellow entrepreneurs, if your product has special powers that could benefit your customers, just like SanDisk’s example, don’t be shy in demonstrating them!