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What If You Stood Your Ground When Facing Demanding Clients?

Francis Kong emphasizes the need to stick to your agreement.

Have you ever faced a client who was hell-bent on taking advantage of your kindness?

Francis Kong, one of the country’s best inspirational speakers, shared that in order to handle very demanding clients, you must learn to stand your ground.

That means you need the following:

  • a written agreement of the services you will render
  • deliver the promised services
  • stick to the agreement

It goes without saying that you need to be darn good at what you do. But if your client wants to squeeze out more than what they paid for, you need to let them know that you won’t allow anyone to push you around.

That is how you will earn the client’s respect.

Are you ready to toughen up and say “no!” to abusive clients?


What If You Had A Money Goal Notebook For Your Business?

Junyka Santarin and her money goal notebook

Junya Santarin, TV5 child actress, reminded me to set my business goals when she showed me her money goal notebook.

She explained how it works:

  • She sees something she likes.
  • She thinks it over.
  • If it passes her scrutiny, she sets it as a goal.
  • She breaks down the price into weekly goals.
  • She jots down a daily running tally of her “cash on hand”.

This blew me away: nobody taught her how to do this.

Allow me to reiterate: she’s 9 years old.

If you want to buy…

  • an ice cream maker for your coffeeshop,
  • or that higher-grade DSLR camera lens,
  • or that motorcycle for delivieries

… I’m sure you can devise your own goals system.

Because you’re a grown-up entrepeneur.

What If You Had A Birthday Resolution?

Do you really need to start working on resolutions at the first day of the year?

Not for Aaron Chan. His plans start on his birthday.

Applying this idea to a business setting, you could develop your annual strategy with your company’s anniversary as the starting date.

This gives you a natural “excuse” to kick-start your first promotional campaign, because “Hey, it’s the company’s birthday! Come celebrate with us!”

With this, your timing doesn’t have to coincide with every body else’s, reducing the chances of others stealing your thunder.

Are you willing to give this a try?