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What If You Just Enjoyed The Moment?

Are You Too Busy Capturing Instead Of Enjoying The Moment?

This photo was taken during a fireworks display. The faces have been sufficiently blurred to protect them from shame.

Not too long ago, I was just like them.

I would try to “capture” the amazing fireworks instead of enjoying the show. Then I would take a look at the photos and realize that they’re pure rubbish. Also, I didn’t get to exclaim “Oooh!” and “Aaah!” with those who were not taking photos. I didn’t have fun.

This also happens in other scenarios like:

  • taking video clips during a concert instead of feeling the music
  • copying the speaker’s presentation slides word for word instead of paying attention
  • focusing on the salty popcorn instead of the movie

Oftentimes, we find ways to distract ourselves from the real purpose of an event. What if we tried to catch ourselves during those times of weakness?


What If You Photobombed A Popular Landmark?

Bonifacio Monumento in Caloocan City

That’s the Bonifacio Monument, crafted by Guillermo Tolentino, National Artist for Sculpture.

All that fine detail and historical significance seem to have been drowned out by the enormous SM Hypermarket logo.

It’s not illegal, but photobombing an iconic monument is rather sneaky.

There are ways you can do this on a smaller scale.

I’ve observed a certain fastfood chain deliberately put up signboards 4 times larger than their nearby competitors’. Coincidence? Not likely.