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What If You Behaved Like The Complete Opposite Of A Prima Donna?

Barbie Almalbis arrives at least 2 hours early for each gig.

Barbie Almalbis is a singer and songwriter who epitomizes the polar opposite of a “prima donna”.

I’ve witnessed her perform live four times, and she’s the same each time: she quietly arrives early, carries her own stuff, cheers for the other bands while they’re playing, and wholeheartedly mingles with the fans.

In several instances, she even asked the strict security guards to allow fans to approach and chat with her.

During a recent gig, she called in a relatively unknown singer to take center stage while she played the guitar and served as the second voice. Barbie gave her the opportunity to shine. (My apologies to the¬†aforementioned “unknown” singer, I really didn’t know who she was.)

She’s the total opposite of several “divas” and so-full-of-themselves public speakers I’ve met over the years. And that is how a true professional behaves.


What If You Had A Money Goal Notebook For Your Business?

Junyka Santarin and her money goal notebook

Junya Santarin, TV5 child actress, reminded me to set my business goals when she showed me her money goal notebook.

She explained how it works:

  • She sees something she likes.
  • She thinks it over.
  • If it passes her scrutiny, she sets it as a goal.
  • She breaks down the price into weekly goals.
  • She jots down a daily running tally of her “cash on hand”.

This blew me away: nobody taught her how to do this.

Allow me to reiterate: she’s 9 years old.

If you want to buy…

  • an ice cream maker for your coffeeshop,
  • or that higher-grade DSLR camera lens,
  • or that motorcycle for delivieries

… I’m sure you can devise your own goals system.

Because you’re a grown-up entrepeneur.

What If You Adopted The Work Ethic Of A Child Star?

Ryzza Mae Dizon, child superstar

Child superstar Ryzza Mae Dizon was a guest endorser of Betty Boop apparel at a kiddie event that I attended (I don’t have kids, but I was there. I’m as perplexed as you are).

She came from a long taping session and headed straight to the event venue.

Despite being physically exhausted from all that work, she did what she had to do (without complaining even once) to make the kids (and especially their parents) happy.

It’s one thing for an adult to do something like that, but for an 8-year old to just “grin and bear it”? I find it very impressive… and sad at the same time.

What can we learn from this adorable little girl?