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What If You Hired Enthusiastic Senior Citizens?

Hire Senior Citizens Who Are Still Physically And Mentally Active

I met the one of those senior citizens working at SM Fairview  (nope, she’s not on the poster). She had more vitality and zest for life than most 20-year olds.

I didn’t get to chat with her for long because she was busy. But undoubtedly, she genuinely enjoys doing her job.

I’m sure that several other seniors would love the opportunity to work again, not for the money, but simply because they’re bored out of their wits at home.

Here lies an opportunity for another win-win-win situation: for the employer, the employee, and the people they serve.


What If You Had A Birthday Resolution?

Do you really need to start working on resolutions at the first day of the year?

Not for Aaron Chan. His plans start on his birthday.

Applying this idea to a business setting, you could develop your annual strategy with your company’s anniversary as the starting date.

This gives you a natural “excuse” to kick-start your first promotional campaign, because “Hey, it’s the company’s birthday! Come celebrate with us!”

With this, your timing doesn’t have to coincide with every body else’s, reducing the chances of others stealing your thunder.

Are you willing to give this a try?



What If You Wanted To Catch A Celebrity Blogger’s Attention?

Divine Lee, Celebrity Blogger

Divine Lee is such a down-to-earth model and celebrity blogger. She candidly and hilariously answered all questions thrown her way during a bloggers’ conference some time ago.

One question was about accepting gifts from companies who are hoping for a positive mention on her blog and Twitter account.

She shared that the companies with smarter marketing teams go as far as customizing the items that they give her (embossing her name, one-of-a-kind designs, etc). And these products clearly stand out from a pile of generic goodies.

Allow me to clarify that she does not demand those customized items, she just appreciates them, like a normal person would.

So if you plan to woo a celebrity blogger, what would you do to make your product capture her attention?