What If You Used Hand-Held Signboards To Promote Your Store?

Koolstix Hand-held Signboard

I saw the Koolstix lady with her hand-held signboard… 30 meters away, from another floor in the mall!

A moving signboard is far more effective at getting people to notice your store than a regular poster plastered on your wall.

Some caveats:

  • Your staff has to be willing to hoist the sign and wave it around. I found out that It’s quite challenging to get self-conscious people to do such “silly” activities.
  • Work within the mall’s rules. Be aware of all the restrictions and required permits to avoid trouble.
  • The signboard has to make sense immediately. I’ve seen signs that took me several seconds to figure out because of the poor choice of colors, hard-to-read fonts, and terrible illustrations.

I like talking about attracting attention (like here and here) because if your prospects don’t know that your shop exists, you might as well shut it down.


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