What If You Learned Something From Everyone?

There's always something to learn, even from people you don't like.

Whenever I attend workshops, I’m always on the lookout for ideas that I can use to benefit me and my clients, no matter who conducts the training session.

In a recent seminar I attended, I had preconceived notions against one of the speakers. I couldn’t explain why, but I just didn’t like him!

Admit it, you have also disliked someone for no logical reason. 😀

Anyway, I tried (very, very) hard to open up my mind. And after struggling for a while, it was slightly ajar, and I actually picked up several good pointers.

So the lesson there is: try to look for that nugget of wisdom even if the source of the information does not appeal to you.

Except when watching telenovelas.

But that’s a different story.

And I realize that I’m being close-minded again.


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