What If You Learned From The Inequality Of Toilets?

The Inequality Of Public Toilets... Is A Must!In public areas like malls, restaurants, and especially cinemas, longer queues are found in ladies’ rooms.

Allow me to insulate myself from accusations of sexism by stating that I mean no offense towards ladies.

But practically speaking, ladies require twice the space and “usually” take twice as much time in the washroom compared to men. I’ll leave the visualization to you.

Simple multiplication suggests that a ladies’ washroom should be 2 X 2 = 4 times larger than that of males.

After decades of developing malls and other public establishments, why isn’t this a common practice?

Are there aspects of your business that are “equal” for all types of customers merely because of common conventions, old habits, or lazy convenience?

What if you make them “unequal”… and more practical? How would that benefit you and your customers?


5 thoughts on “What If You Learned From The Inequality Of Toilets?

  1. Hyatt Rocillo

    1. During my dad’s check up in Makati Medical center, i accompanied him to the men’s restroom because he needed to pee. he was in his wheelchair. I had to assist him inside the restroom because he was terribly ill. I didn’t care whether there were men inside the restroom.

    As we entered, this group of men inside the restroom started giggling.

    I looked each one of them from head to foot. I wanted to tell them “So ,feeling ninyo sisilipan ko kayo?”

    Most establishments, cubicle for the handicapped is inside the restroom . Sometimes (or most of the time), people who aren’t handicapped use that cubicle too!

    What if the handicap is a male and their aide is a female?

    2. What if the government starts to require ALL public establishments like malls and hospitals to put a separate restroom for the handicapped?

    3. What if the government starts to punish public establishments having dirty restrooms. 😀

    1. Business What Ifs Post author

      “I looked each one of them from head to foot” … that might have sent the wrong message to those giggling manly men. 😀

    2. Business What Ifs Post author

      Thanks for the 2 new “what if” topic ideas, Hyatt! They will appear in future blog posts about them (with credits to you of course!) 🙂

  2. Jasmine Cruz

    One reason why the women need more time in the bathroom is because besides the usual poop and pee, women need to change their napkins during menstruation. Men of course are exempt from the red curse. Tobe “safe”, napkins usually need to be changed every two hours, so yeah there’s actually a good reason to add more toilets for women. 🙂

    1. Business What Ifs

      Haha! Thanks for the bit-too-much information, Jasmine :D. But yeah, male architects and designers really should consult women about these concerns. We dudes tend to assume too much.


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