What If You Had Your Own Minions To Market Your Company?

Minions Promoting Their

The Minions of the movie Despicable Me “were” not the lead characters. Sure, they had significant exposure, mostly for comic relief.

But they stole the show. And the producers, director, and executives were smart enough to recognize that. Now they’re borrowing the strength of the adorable yellow creatures’ wild popularity.

The build-up for the sequel was almost entirely fueled by the Minions. From video clips to toys to mascots to smartphone apps. They even have their own Facebook page, with 3.5 million fans!

Never mind the main character, Gru, voiced by very talented (note: highly-paid) actor Steve Carell. Let the Minions do the hard work.

Sometimes your flagship product does not become the “main attraction” in your store. Instead, some other minor item attracted your customers’ attention.

Are you ready to swallow your pride, adjust, and quickly take advantage of your very own unforeseen “minion”?


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