What If You Stopped Trying To Impress People Who Will Never Buy Your Products?

Elise Chua President And CEO of CDC Holdings Inc

Those weren’t the exact words used by Ms. Elise Chua, President and CEO of CDC Holdings Inc., but that was her point.

A reporter asked her how she plans to market Citadines Millennium Ortigas when comparatively, it is not as well-known as projects by other developers.

Being the astute businesswoman that she is, Elise recognizes that her projects don’t need to engage in popularity contests.

Instead, she and her team would tap their ideal prospects… investors who see good value and potential in her real estate projects. Some of them don’t just purchase a few units here and there… but entire building floors!

Should you still care about being “relatively unknown” to the masses if your products are consistently gobbled up by clients who truly appreciate what you do?


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