What If You Learned How To Pose For Photos?

Genecia Luo, Charisma Coach

Genecia Luo is a charisma coach based in Singapore. As you can expect, she places heavy emphasis on personal branding and image management.

She was up on stage when I asked if I could take her photo.

Upon hearing my gawky request, she crouched gracefully so I could get an eye-level snapshot, because she was fully aware that a worm’s eye view won’t make a flattering photo.

Some of us need to work much harder to attain this level of awareness.

Of course, the picture still won’t look fantastic if the photographer has a low-end camera and mediocre photography skills. But at least she reduced the chances of me capturing a terrible shot of her.

Even though we’re not celebrities (or maybe you are), we will still be photographed in parties, when giving a talk, or when receiving an award (wishful thinking).

In this digital age where photos last forever, it’s better to be prepared for those “moments”, unless you want your awkwardness to come back and haunt you when you least expect it.


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