What If You Had Too Much Drive To Succeed?

Don't let the pursuit of wealth eat away your humanity.

At a recent event, I saw an old acquaintance (no longer a friend) and approached her to say hi. This lady said “Hi!” in her default melodious tone… after she turned around!

I know some people can’t maintain eye contact, but that was ridiculous! I was literally looking at the back of her head when she said “hi”.

I assure you, she wasn’t shy at all, she wasn’t talking to anyone else, and she wasn’t busy with anything. That’s just how she normally treats “useless” people.

I realized that the cold shoulder was because I was of no use to her.

I had noticed that trait in her 7 years ago. She’s oh-so-sweet to anyone who has what she needs (information, resources, etc.), then “gradually” turns frigid after her mission is accomplished. I did not expect her to get any worse after all these years. I was so wrong. “Gradually” is now “immediately”.

If you have the relentless drive to grow your business to become rich, good for you! But please, cling on to your soul. Don’t let go of your humanity.

I sincerely hope that you won’t become her next victim… or worse, become exactly like her.