What If You Needed Support For An Unusual Idea?

Mike Stillkey, Book Sculptor

Mike Stilkey is a book sculptor. Other sculptors use clay, wood, marble, or other materials. He prefers discarded books.

In the photo, the artwork behind him covers two-and-a-half stories of the Fully Booked flagship store in Bonifacio Global City.

Initially, his biggest challenge was gathering the books for the massive sculptures he had in mind. The libraries didn’t want to cooperate… until he showed him what he can do.

He had to complete a number of projects, take a bunch of photos, and present them to the potential donors. After that, libraries approached him to donate their books.

This reminds us that sometimes we expect unconditional support in terms of funding or sharing of resources from potential business partners. And we fail to get any of those.

Perhaps it is because we haven’t shown enough proof of what we’re capable of producing.


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