What If You Re-evaluated Your Goals?

What were your goals then; what are your goals now?

Friendly suggestion: It is time to re-evaluate your business goals. You could re-assess your entire business, or even just a project.

Let’s take the Business What Ifs blog project as an example.

Initially, I created this blog with the sole intention of making money out of it. So after the first few months of earning a grand total of zero pesos, I should have quit and considered it a failure.

But no, I still do it because it’s heck of a fun ride. I realized that gathering new knowledge from others and sharing them to you gives me a wholesome, natural high. It just pumps me up!

So, yeah, this is a rather “selfish” blog.

My new goal: write more blog posts with the intention of providing a spark to ignite an idea within you. You have the ideas inside you all along, I want to be able to tickle them out for you.

That would make me so giddy!

Your turn. What were your goals? And what are your goals now?


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