What If You Were Choosy In Allowing Visitors To Your Event?

Bogee Romero and Raquel Romero, organizers of Corporate Giveaways Buyers' Show

Siblings Bogee and Raquel Romero, organizers of the Corporate Giveaways Buyers’ Show, require suppliers to pass strict standards before they’re let in.

But once they’re in the pool, the sisters take good care them.

Then, during showtime, “unqualified” trade show visitors are screened even before they get the chance to waste the exhibitors’ time, brochures, calling cards, and samples.

The cliche “quality over quantity” takes effect in this set-up.

Interestingly, foot traffic to last year’s trade show actually increased. And most probably, majority of those new visitors seriously intended to look for giveaway suppliers.

This is why past exhibitors keep coming back year after year.

If your business offers a middleman-like service, how can you apply this “choosy” concept to make both sellers and buyers happy to do business with you?


One thought on “What If You Were Choosy In Allowing Visitors To Your Event?

  1. Benj

    I was there and I liked the fact that it was not crowded like a fish market. I was able to sit down and talk to many suppliers for my company’s needs.


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