What If You Stopped Using Silly Cliches?

Please stop using silly clichés.

Some clichés are useful and efficient because they express profound points concisely. Emphasis on the word “some”.

But not the clichés listed below, because these are beyond annoying…

  • “I’m only human.” – Would you rather be a centipede?
  • “I’m not getting any younger.” – You’re not Benjamin Button, so ok, I believe you.
  • “[Product Name] is selling like hotcakes.” – What are the latest hotcake sales figures anyway?
  • “Need I say more?” – No, and you didn’t have to say that either.
  • “Nuff said!” – Shaddap!

Here’s a rule of thumb: If a cliché makes you go, “Well, duh!”, scrap it!

What other phrases would you like to add to the list?


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