What If You Supported A Public Mission?

Manny V. Pangilinan uses his available resources to support Gilas Pilipinas.

Manuel V. Pangilinan is the Chairman of PLDT, Smart Communications, TV5, and a dozen other companies.

As an avid basketball fan, he used his influence and various resources to put together the Gilas Pilipinas team.

With his full support, the team is paying dividends. The Philippines is back in the international arena, our basketball-crazy nation is elated, and Mr. Pangilinan’s companies are now tightly associated with a winning team that has gone far beyond “just basketball”.

You might not have 50 million pesos set aside for major campaigns. Good news! You don’t have to.

How about using your company’s resources to sponsor underprivileged but brilliant kids to train for and compete in international contests?

Your company can change their lives, more Pinoys will be recognized internationally, and your company will be associated with achievers.

That small “mission” sounds like a triple win, doesn’t it?


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