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What If You Tried A Scratch-and-Win Promo Campaign?

Chowking Mooncake Scratch and Win Promo

I don’t order drinks when I eat out because I try to control my sugar intake. But Chowking’s Mooncake Scratch & Win card, which requires an iced tea purchase, was just too hard for me to resist.

There’s something about the physical motion of scratching off the silver coating, slowly revealing the possibility of an “instant win” that hypnotizes people like me to give in to an upsell.

But not too many restaurants take advantage of this. Otherwise, I’d be consuming sugary drinks every day.

Sure, it costs more than a raffle stub, but I’m willing to bet this campaign’s upsell conversion rate beats all other promos by several percentage points.

Would you be willing to try such a campaign in your restaurant/shop?