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What If Your Sponsors Need More Exposure?

Digital Photographer Philippines 7th Anniversary Party

The Digital Photographer Philippines Magazine’s 7th anniversary party was a huge gathering of photographers. By “huge gathering”, I meant they occupied an entire strip at Bonifacio High Street.

To make such an event possible, sponsors were invited to help shoulder the bill.

What did sponsors expect from the event? Exposure. Yes, photography pun intended.

The “raffle passport”, or as I call it, the “Exhibitor’s Booth Bingo” was simple to implement. Attendees just needed to visit each exhibitor’s booth, see what they offer, and get their entry form stamped.

But why were people willing to go through all that trouble? Because at the end of the rainbow was a chance to win several prizes, including a high-end camera.

Disclosure: I did not submit my raffle entry because I wanted to take a photo of it for you to see. This is just one of many sacrifices that I am willing to do for you, my fellow entrepreneur.

Since sponsors help you to get what you want, it is your duty as an organizer to help them get what they want. Use this “bingo” concept to assist you in achieving that goal.