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What If You're Doing Very Well On One Online Platform?

Online marketplace Multiply.com shuts down.

This is such a sad turn of events for online marketplace Multiply.com.

I feel bad for all their hard-working employees (I’ve met several of them), and I feel terrible for the vendors who put all their eggs in the Multiply basket.

Er, there I go again with the basket and the eggs.

If there’s a plus side in this sorrowful situation, at least the company has promised to stand by until all monetary transactions have been settled.

Lesser businesses would quietly fizzle out and leave their clients holding an empty bag.

Side Note: This is a totally opposite view to the previous blog post. And it is intentional, because this blog will occasionally try to mess with your head and challenge your mental agility.

So, question for today… what will you do if you were one of the top vendors using Multiply.com?