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What If We Practiced Properly?

“Proper practice precedes progress” is a wickedly mangled version of “practice makes perfect”, because I consciously try to avoid clich├ęs.

I also tend to refrain from using the word “perfect”.

One can’t really be “perfect” at anything, but if he does achieve “perfection”, where does he go next? What’s the next level?

And then there is the issue of practicing for the sake of practicing. I’ve been guilty of that several times.

While I was learning how to swim, I was unaware that my swimming stroke mechanics were flawed. But as a diligent boy, I practiced hard every day, and I ended up mastering the wrong way to swim. Until this day, I find it hard to correct those deeply rooted errors.

I should have focused on practicing properly.

How the heck is swimming related to business? That’s where your business brain comes in.

This blog’s goal is to trigger ideas that are already inside of you.

If you reflect on your current situation, what skills have you been practicing? Have you been practicing properly?