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What If You Developed A System For Collecting Leads?

Bogee Romero; Marketing Services Manager, WorldExco

Bogee Romero, Marketing Services Manager of their 26-year old family business World Expos & Concepts, Inc., shared a “simple” but very useful tip.

Even if you have no plans of joining a trade show.

You’ve probably attended an event where you met several people who were interested in your products. The next day, you merrily go through their business cards and try to recall the specifications they mentioned to you. After a while, you realize that you got them all mixed up in your head, and you angrily pull your hair out because of frustration.

Should you contact them one by one and ask, “Hi! What did you say you wanted from me?”

Oh, well. So much for professionalism.

Ask yourself, do you have a set of procedures to “capture” the names, contact details, and business needs of your potential clients?