What If You're Too Shy To Approach People?

It's alright to be shy... but get the job done.

Kara Geraldez and Rogielyn Verdadero were among more than 4,000 students (No, I didn’t count them all.) who attended the 2nd Filipino Technopreneurship Summit last January 21st.

And among all those warm bodies, only the two of them were (pick an adjective from the list: brave, confident, diligent, interested) enough to approach almost all the high-profile speakers.

One might think that they’re naturally outgoing, but after chatting with them a bit, I found out that they’re rather bashful and softspoken.

But they needed to find some resource speakers for their school org’s future events, so they left their shyness behind and went to work.

From them I learned that: It’s alright to be shy… as long as you get the job done!

Your turn: Was there a time when you were too starstruck to approach a VIP, but did it anyway?

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