What If Your Live Event Was Bogged Down By Unforseen Problems?

Ogie Alcacid, keeping calm despite various technical difficulties during a live concert.

Do you know how Ogie Alcacid handles technical difficulties during a live performance?

As he stepped onstage amidst loud cheers of fans who have been waiting for hours, the lights literally went out.

Instead of displaying annoyance for the wasted build-up, he joked with the crowd in the semi-darkness (some emergency lights were lit).

After almost a minute, power was restored. The band restarted the background music, Ogie started singing, and then, darkness again.

Then, repeat the cycle one more time.

That type of three-in-a-row could be very frustrating for the audience, the organizers, and especially the performer. But not for a pro!

I was thoroughly impressed by how the talented musician handled the situation. He maintained his sense of humor, calmed the crowd down, and promised on behalf of the organizers to sort things out.

After all that, he delivered a brilliant performance, as expected.

You might not be a famous singer (or maybe you are; please correct me), but as the boss, you need to have the coolest head during unexpected and uncontrollable circumstances.

What would you do if a similar incident happened just when you were about to deliver an important sales presentation?


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