What If You Addressed Your Prospect's Hidden Concerns?

Helen San Agustin, Farm Nation

Helen San Agustin is an urban farmer. She transformed her garden into a real-life FarmVille (even before the game became popular), which is where she gets her ultra-fresh vegetables for her family’s meals.

Several people have asked her how she does it. So she came up with the idea of Farm Nation.

She gathered experts from various fields to conduct workshops on different topics related to urban farming. People were interested, but were noticeably hesitant.

To uproot their hidden concerns, Helen looked back at her early farming days and jotted down the difficulties she encountered, thinking that her target participants were probably worried about the same things.

Then she made sure that the workshop facilitators would address all those concerns. The result… happy participants!

Disclosure: I was an emcee at the first event. I was not interested in plants at all, but I ended up buying some recycled containers, and planted some vegetable seeds when I got home. So yeah, I am totally biased towards Farm Nation’s workshops.

What if you anticipated your prospects’ concerns even before they tell you? Would this extra step increase your odds of closing sales and making customers happy? By golly, it most certainly would!


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