What If Your Customers Had To Stand And Wait In Line?

Queue Number

I love the idea of queuing systems. I no longer have to stand and wait in line. And the number helps me estimate the waiting time, so I could do something else (like take a nap on the couch).

Also, don’t you just hate it when somebody cuts in line? These stubs effectively deter those pesky queue ninjas.

BPI takes it further. They require you to key in your transaction information via a touch-screen kiosk, eliminating the annoying consequences of bad handwriting on deposit or withdrawal slips.

I wasn’t allowed to take a photo of the kiosk, the number display board, the waiting customers, or anything at all. So the number stub is all you will see here.

You’ve experienced the benefits of such systems countless times at banks and government agencies, but have you ever thought of applying this concept in your business?

As a small business owner, or even as a freelancer, if you have too many customers scrambling to hire you (oh, what an enviable problem!), a queuing system is worth experimenting with.

Would such a system benefit you and your customers?


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