What If You Took The Customer’s Usage Pattern Into Consideration?

Shampoo and Conditioner Bottles, Observation by Jaycie Tanseco

Conditioner bottles ought to be larger than the shampoo bottles they are partnered with because the former runs out faster [loosely translated].

As a lazy dude who does not use conditioners unless they’re “built-in”, I would have never noticed this inequity.

But when Jaycie Tanseco posted this as her status message, more than a dozen ladies agreed enthusiastically.

That made me wonder, did short-haired (or maybe even balding) dudes decide that shampoo and conditioner bottles should be equally sized, without bothering to consult ladies who actually use the product?

Here’s an interesting question to ask yourself: Do you develop your products to suit your convenience and preferences… instead of the customer’s?


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